Location within the Country: Arusha, Tanzania

Name of the Client: Arusha Municipal Council. Financed by Word Bank

Start date: November 2011

Completion Date: November 2013

Duration of Assignment: 24 Months

Name of Associated Consultant:
SNC Lavalin and MMK services

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The project provides for new construction/upgrading/ rehabilitation of approximately of 30 km of roads to asphalt concrete standard, including vertical and horizontal alignment design, pavement design, bridges construction, drainage structures, street light and traffic lights, construction of 1 km of lined storm water drains, including alignment and structural designs for flood control in the central business district, Rehabilitation and expansion of dumpsite, including creation of additional cells, construction 1 km inner road, storm water and leachate stabilization pond and acquisition of solid waste management equipment

Services Provided by Advanced Engineering Solutions:
1.Preparation and approval of Quality control and quality assurance plan
2.Supervision of construction of drainage structures such as bridge, box culverts and pipe culverts
3.Review of pavement design
4.Mix design of stabilized material, asphalt concrete, cement concrete
5.Approval of all construction materials such subgrade [G7 and G15], stabilized subbase [C1], crushed base [CRR] and Marshal asphalt concrete
6.Preparation of monthly report
7.Reviewing and approving Contractor’s quality assurance plan
8.Implementation of contractor’s environmental management plan