Pavement Design, Evaluation And Analysis


Pavement Design, Evaluation And Analysis

We provide Pavement design and analysis services to develop the most economical combination of pavement layers that ensures the stresses and strains transmitted from the carriageway do not exceed the supportive capacity of each layer, or the subgrade, during the design life of a road. Advanced Engineering Solutions have an excellent ability to provide the Client with the best services from the various experiences and technical know-how which have been accumulated over time, including extensive use of modern software. We are confident to provide the best pavement designs using our experiences and high-skilled professionals and we will take the lead in strengthening the technical skills for pavement designs.

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AES develop Pavement design, evaluation and analysis based on the principles and practice established by the:
i.Pavement and Materials Design manual (Ministry of Works, 1999),
ii.TRL Overseas Road Note 31,
iii.SATCC Code of Practice for the Design of Road Pavements


We carry out Pavement design that involves designing of Flexible pavement, Rigid pavement and Highway Drainage. AES has carried out numerous pavement design projects and analysis where we have recommended practical design to accommodate current and predicted traffic needs in a safe, durable, and cost-effective manner.


We evaluate the performance and establish the condition of the pavement with regard to traffic loading, environmental conditions, material strength, and quality. AES identify the types of pavement distresses and the factors causing the distresses before developing appropriate new pavement design or rehabilitation alternatives.


AES perform pavement analysis by considering the traffic loads, climate, materials, construction practices, and expected performance. The economic analysis is based on life cycle costs and consider service life, initial cost, maintenance costs, user costs, and future rehabilitation requirements, including maintenance of traffic.

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