Assignment name: Consultancy Services for Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Zanzibar Airport.

Location within the Country: Zanzibar

Name of the Client: Ministry of Communication and Infrastructure – Zanzibar

Address: P.O Box 260 Zanzibar

Start date

[Month/year]: 03/12

Completion Date:


Narrative Description of Project: the project provides for the rehabilitation of the existing 2460 m runway and extension of the runway by 560 m extending it to the total length of 3200 m. The pavement width to be upgraded to 60 m comprising 45 m of the carriageway and 15 m of shoulder rehabilitation involved placing 60 mm of binder course and 40 mm of wearing course. The airport is upgraded to conform to code 4E in line with ICAO requirements.


Description of Actual Services provided by your staff:


Advanced Engineering Solution was in charge of:

  • Preparation and approval of Quality control and quality assurance plan
  • Detailed engineering survey for quantity computation as well as quality control of checking location and elevations of runway, taxiways and apron [X, Y, Z]
  • Geotechnical investigation for the design of the new parallel taxiways
  • Implementation of Contractor’s quality control plan
  • Review of pavement design
  • Asphalt concrete mix design
  • Geometrical design review and improvement for the geometrical features of the runway and taxiways.
  • Preparation of various technical reports and correspondences including claims and value engineering proposals.
  • Preparation of monthly report
  • Management of laboratory which includes management of laboratory tests and field tests such as field density, concrete quality control test etc.