Location within the Country: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Name of the Client: TANROADS – Kilimanjaro

Start date: June 2018

Completion Date: October 2020

Duration of Assignment:28 Months

Name of Associated Consultant: ACC LTD

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The Main objective of these consultancy services are divided into two phases;
Phase 1: Feasibility Study including the Preliminary Design, Cost Estimates, Preliminary Environmental & Social Impacts, Economic Evaluation and Development of Preliminary Resettlement Action Plan
Phase 2: Detailed Engineering Design, including Detailed Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, development of Resettlement Action Plan and Preparation of Bidding Documents

Services Provided by Advanced Engineering Solutions:
1.Preparation of inception report
2.Preparation of Draft Feasibility Study report including;
3.Preliminary Design Report + Preliminary ESIA + Preliminary RAP
4.Preparation of Final Feasibility Study report including;
5.Preliminary Design Report + Preliminary ESIA + Preliminary RAP
6.Preparation of Draft Final Engineering Design Report including
.Tender Documents, Detailed ESIA & RAP, Valuation report and cost estimates