Location within the Country: Songwe, Tanzania

Name of the Client: TANROADS – Songwe

Start date: July 2021

Completion Date: Ongoing

Duration of Assignment: 8 Months

Name of Associated Consultant: Extreme Engineering Solutions Ltd

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The Isongole II-Kasumulu-Ipyana-Katumbasongwe road (114.67km) section is the regional road located in Songwe region running adjacent to Tanzania/Malawi border and joining the Ileje district in Songwe region and Kyela district in Mbeya region.The road starts at Ileje (Isongole round about to Malawi border) and traverse eastwards through Ibungu, Ndembo, Ngana, Kasumulu (lubele) villages and Isoko spur road starts at Ndembo village heads north-west joining Isoko village. The project roads are currently engineered gravel roads. The roads are in fair/poor condition and become semi-impassable at some locations during the rain seasons. The traffic on these roads is suppressed due to the poor condition of the road. However, it is expected that substantial traffic will be generated after upgrading them to bitumen standard