Location within the Country: Kibaha – Coast Region

Name of the Client: Kibaha Town Council – Kibaha

Start date: September 2019

Completion Date: March 2020

Duration of Assignment: 5 Months

Name of Associated Consultant: N/A

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The project involved designing of 11 km of urban road. The work also involved Pavement design capable of carrying 1-3 Million Equivalent Standard Axle, geometrical design, traffic analysis, hydraulic /hydrology analysis and design of drainage structures.

Services Provided by Advanced Engineering Solutions:
1.Preparation of inception report
2.Materials investigation and preparation of materials report
3.Traffic count and traffic analysis
4.Design of all drainage structures
5.Topographical surveying and creation of digital terrain model [DTM] using commercial software
6.Preparation of bill of quantity
7.Preparation of Detailed Engineering design report
8.Preparation of contract documents