Location within the Country: Kongwa, Dodoma

Duration of Assignment: 12 Months

Start date : Sept 2016

Completion Date: Oct 2018

Name of Associated Consultant: N/A

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The Main objective of these consultancy services is to provide an all-weather passable road segments on which the motoring public can travel in relative comfort and safety. The roads segments involved are from three wards; Mtanana, Kibaigwa and Njonge totaling a length of 69.8 Km. The roads include:
i. Mtanana – Makawa – 24.8 Km in Mtanana Ward
ii. Ugogoni – Kibaigwa – 30.0 Km in Kibaigwa ward
iii. Njonge – Makutupa – Ngese – 15.0 Km in Njoge ward
The project intends to increase access to markets in selected community agricultural commodities.

Services Provided by Advanced Engineering Solutions:
1.Preparation of inception report
2. Materials investigation and preparation of materials report
3. Pavement design
4. Detailed engineering Design
5. Construction supervision
6. Preparation of Detailed Engineering design report
7.Preparation of bill of quantity
8.Preparation of contract documents