Location within the Country: Musoma

Name of the Client: Musoma Municipal Council

Start date 04/14

Completion Date: 08/14

Duration of Assignment: 4 Months

Name of Associated Consultant: N/A

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The project involved designing of 2.380 km of urban road. The work also involved Pavement design capable of carrying 1-3 Million Equivalent Standard Axle, geometrical design, and pavement design capable of carrying 1-3 Million Equivalent Standard axles, traffic analysis, hydraulic /hydrology analysis and design of drainage structures.

Services Provided by Advanced Engineering Solutions:
1. Preparation of inception report
2. Materials investigation and preparation of materials report
3. Traffic count and traffic analysis
4. Design of all drainage structures
5. Pavement design
6. Topographical surveying and creation of digital terrain model [DTM] using commercial software
7. Preparation of Detailed Engineering design report
8. Preparation of bill of quantity
9. Preparation of contract documents