assignment name: Consultancy Services For Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision For Rejuvenation Of Songosongo Runway Pavement (1.05 Km Runway).

Location within the Country: SongoSongo Island

Name of the Client: PanAfrican Energy

Address: Dar-es-salaam

Start date

[Month/year]: Feb 2016

Completion Date: Aug 2016

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

Advanced Engineering Solutions was engaged by the PanAfrican Energy to carry out a study, Design and supervision for a suitable rejuvenation remedial work to be carried out at the Songosongo runway so as to ensure that the runway is complying with the requirements of ICAO as well as the aviation regulation as set out by TCRA which is an organ which is monitoring he aviation industry in Tanzania.

The runway was 1,050 m long x 18.50m wide.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided by your staff:

Advanced Engineering Solution is in charge of:

Preparation of inception report

Materials investigation and preparation of materials report

Pavement design

Detailed engineering Design

Construction supervision

Preparation of Detailed Engineering design report

Preparation of bill of quantity

Preparation of contract documents