Location within the Country: Chalinze (Coast Region), Tanzania

Name of the Client: TANROADS – Headquarters

Start date: March 2019

Completion Date: March 2021

Duration of Assignment: 24 Months

Name of Associated Consultant: Ilshin Engineering & Consultants [South Korea]

Detailed Narrative Description of Project: The project involves supervision of the construction of a cast-in-situ Balanced Cantilever Bridge 513.50m long. The total design length of the project road including structure is about 4.325 km connecting Chalinze to Segera. Due to the substandard geometry of the existing bridge caused by the complicated landscape of the area, the location of the New Wami Bridge has been proposed to be on the downstream direction of the existing structure. The project also required design review of bridge, road and associated relief drainage structures. The review of design includes review of bridge design, review of the road design which includes vertical and horizontal alignment design, pavement design, drainage structures, structural designs for flood control structure

Services Provided by Advanced Engineering Solutions:
1.Preparation and approval of Quality control and quality assurance plan
2.Bridge design review
3.Review of geometrical and profile design
4.Supervision of construction of drainage structures such as bridge, box culverts and pipe culverts
5.Review of pavement design
6.Mix design of stabilized material and cement concrete
7.Approval of all construction materials such subgrade [G7 and G15], stabilized subbase [C1],