Location within the Country: Mwanza, Tanzania

Name of the Client: TANROADS – Mwanza

Start date: Sept 2017

Completion Date: July 2018

Duration of Assignment: 6 Months

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
As an integral part of the Government [of the United Republic of Tanzania] strategy to accelerate the development of its road network as well as its associated facilities for the facilitation of socio-economic development, TANROADS Mwanza Regional Manager’s Office appointed Advanced Engineering Solutions for the provision of consultancy services for the expansion of Mabatini box culvert with the intention of improving the capacity of the box culvert so as to deter the repeatedly occurrences of floods as well as enhancing mobility of the people living within Mwanza Region as well as nearby interconnected Regions. On July 2018 the assignment was duly completed to the required project outcomes.

Services Provided by Advanced Engineering Solutions:
1.Preparation of inception report
2.Materials investigation and preparation of materials report
3.Pavement design
4.Detailed engineering Design
5.Preparation Detailed drawings
6.Preparation of Detailed Engineering design report
7.Preparation of bill of quantity
Preparation of contract documents