Location within the Country: Mwanza, Tanzania

Name of the Client: TANROADS – Mwanza

Start date: Septemberr 2014

Completion Date: December 2014

Name of Associated Consultant: N/A

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
For the purpose of spacious accommodation of traffic along the vital and lively Ghana -Furahisha roadway which forms an integral part of the road to and from Mwanza Airport and Mwanza City Centre, as well as ensuring safety of pedestrians crossing the road with most of them accessing Rock City Mall; Advanced Engineering Solutions was engaged in providing consultancy services for the detailed engineering design and preparation of tender documents for pedestrian bridge and addition lane by widening the pavement so as to increase the number of lanes from two lanes to four lanes forming a dual carriageway road from Ghana -Furahisha roadway. The assignment was duly effectuated to the desired and required outcomes.

Services Provided by Advanced Engineering Solutions:
1.Preparation of inception report
2.Materials investigation and preparation of materials report
3.Traffic count and traffic analysis
4.Design of steel pedestrian bridge
5 .Pavement design
6.Topographical surveying and creation of digital terrain model [DTM] using commercial software
7.Preparation of Detailed Engineering design report
8.Preparation of bill of quantity
9..Preparation of contract documents