Our Services

AES manages and implements its current and forecast engineering works with highly experienced and qualified team of employees. We have been providing advanced Engineering Solutions to our client whereby we analyze the design and recommend the most economical without compromising the quality. The various activities undertaken by the firm are divided into departments which ensures the delivery of optimal services to our clients.

Detailed Design

Environmental Studies

Construction Claim

We are specializing in all manner of construction claims and dispute. We deal with all claims and disputes in construction and we provide contractual assistance services to clients in all categories i.e. employer, manufacturer, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers etc. we deal with construction adjudication, dispute resolution, contractual advice, claim assessement and rebutall, contract drafting and review of contract document, risk management, assessment of merit and/or quantum, delay and disruption analysis, assistance during tender period, including pre-tender site visits, programmming and planning work, measurement and certification for payment, training and in-house training.

Value Engineering

All design projects have unnecessary costs designed into them due to habitual design and inflexibility attitudes. Using our systematic and structured approach we review and analyze the project using multidisciplinary team to achieve a functional balance, performance, quality and safety with less project cost or within the project budget.

Forensic Engineering

We are involved in forensic investigation of civil engineering structure such as pavement and buildings. We evaluate and investigate the design, construction, operation. We carry out failure analysis for supporting ligation and we serve also as expert witnesses. Our forensic investigation aims at positively identifying the cause and/or sequence of event leading to failure. We test and examine the pavement and test several hypotheses to establish the list of probable cause of failure and finally we use analytical approach to confirm the findings of facts and we prepare a detailed report to document our findings containing failure description, identification of failure mode, and corrective measure/action to be taken


Pavement Design/Analysis

We carry out advanced pavement design,evaluation and analysis which includes the followings; Traffic analysis, Mechanistic-empirical pavement design. Pavement residual life analysis, Overlay design, DCP testing and analysis, Benkelman beam, Pavement evaluation, Pavement performance modeling, Paving materials, Mix design


We conduct engineering surveying for all types of projects. Our team of highly specialized surveyors/engineering surveyors and technicians who are backed up with advanced equipemnt and software ensures the  process is accurate and efficient

Geotechnical investigations

Geotechnical investigations are done using sophisticated techniques using highly efficient technique and expertise. Our vast experience in different projects such as bridges and roads make us very competent in geotechnical investigations.

Social Studies

Our Services Policy

We are committed to provide our clients with high quality services using the best and advanced practices in the industry.