Consulting Services for The Construction Supervision of The Rehabilitation of The Kafue Mazabuka Road (T1) In Southern




Advanced Engineering Solutions in a consortium with ETHIO Infra Engineering , Ethiopia, and TACT Engineering group, Ethiopia has signed a contract with the Zambia Road Development Authority (RDA) for CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR THE CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION OF THE REHABILITATION OF HE KAFUE MAZABUKA ROAD (T1) IN SOUTHERN PROVINCE – LOT 2. 2 March, 2020

The Project Road is located in the Southern Province of Zambia. It starts at Chikankata turnoff,
and ends at Mazabuka (33.5km).  The Chikankata turnoff – Mazabuka section has been the subject of several maintenance interventions and the most recent was completed in December 2018.
The Agency is undertaking holding maintenance works, in order to improve the riding quality and safety aspects of the road. As such, the scope of works being undertaken vary between the different roads sections but, generally, includes shoulder replenishment, pothole patching, edge repairs, spot reconstruction in selected sections.
However, the increased volume of traffic both in terms of number and size of transport vehicles, demands a more robust rehabilitation intervention including the widening of the road prism in order to ensure the safe passage of traffic, thus reducing the increasing number of traffic accidents on the road       BACK







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